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LESSONS from LEADERS: Milton Jones, Jr.

October 31, 2023 Host: Marti Covington
TELLING OUR STORY Atlanta Business League Podcasts
LESSONS from LEADERS: Milton Jones, Jr.
Show Notes

Milton Jones, Jr.  is one of the most respected business leaders in Atlanta, GA.  He has a professional history in finance that spans decades and can trace his family tree back generations in Atlanta.  

However, there's one characteristic about him that  almost everyone knows.  Milton's mathematical skills are so formidable that he has a nickname.  He's known as the walking calculator.   It's an attribute that  has impressed many people during his years as an executive banker.  But his ability to conduct  complicated equations "in his head" started long before that.   More than one member of Milton's family seems to have had that same talent and they made sure he developed it - starting at age four. 

But this is not just a podcast about a gifted finance guy.  It's also the story of a family who knew that their legacy would be lived through decendents capable of increasing their assets by developing their minds.  Milton's professional life exceeded their expectations.  He understood the responsibility that came with the way he was raised before he went to college in Indiana.  

However, experiences in college allowed him to see life from a drastically different point of view.  It's a perspective that he carried with him after graduation and helped him to make history in the world of banking at age 39.  
He did amazing things in major financial institutions until he and three other experienced African Americans decided to start their own bank.  

It was a great success - until it wasn't. That didn't stop him or break his spirit.  In fact, he pushed past an incredibly unfair disappointment and co-founded a small business.  He still runs that company, and was doing so when he made history for a second time in his life.  

Milton Jones, Jr. is the first African American to chair the United Negro College Fund.  He took that position in 2022.  This year he added another prestigious title when the members of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. voted him to be the chair of their 7,000 member organization.  

This podcast is about a fascinating, dedicated and gifted man who needs to write a book.  However, by the time the podcast ends you realize he's too busy sharing his incredible leadership gifts to do that.  So what you learn about this man's impressive life will have to be a placeholder until he has time to share stories about himself with a much wider audience.